Grief Support

Each pet parent handles the loss of their beloved pet in their own way. It is common to feel extreme sadness and a great sense of loss. It is very important to seek advice or comfort if you are struggling with this.

There are many ways to help express your emotions and celebrate the wonderful time you shared with your loved one. Seek comfort in photographs and videos, share your memories with friends and families, artful expressions with music and writing can provide an outlet. Prayer and ceremonial rituals can be very important to religious and spiritual families.

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, Inc. (APLB) is a nonprofit international alliance of bereavers and counselors, dedicated to helping grieving pet owners.

The APLB offers all possible assistance to anyone involved or interested in pet bereavement. It provides a wide range of directories of services, books, chat rooms, newsletters, and personal Email assistance, among many other free services.

The ASPCA Counselors offer help at 877-GRIEF-10

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