In Home Pet Euthanasia in Edison NJ

Your pet is just as much a member of the family as anyone else, so when you have to make decisions about euthanasia, it can be emotionally overwhelming. For many years, people who needed to have a beloved pet euthanized had to arrange transportation for their ailing pet to the veterinarian’s office, which could be challenging if a pet was not well. However, just as modern medicine for humans has become more mobile, so has modern medicine for pets, and in home pet euthanasia in Edison NJ is a now an easier, more humane option.

A Look at the Advantages of In Home Pet Euthanasia in Edison NJ

HomeHeart knows that any time you are facing the euthanasia of a pet it can be a tough decision, but having the service performed at home can ease your mind. Some of the reasons people choose to have their pet euthanized at home include:

  • Your pet will not have to travel at a time when they may be very ill
  • You can invite friends and family members to your home to be present with your pet.
  • Your pet can be put to sleep in the comfort of their own bed
  • You and your loved ones can grieve privately in your own home

Once the sedation and euthanasia is complete, the vet can also remove your pet from your home and follow your instructions for aftercare, such as cremation.

In Home Pet Euthanasia in Edison NJ

We Provide In-Home Euthanasia for Exotic Pets

Although we most often help dogs and cats, HomeHeart Vets also offer euthanasia services for all different types of pets, including exotic animals. For example, if you have a pet bird, rabbit, guinea pig, or other pet, we can help you with those as well.

Reach Out to Us to Discuss In Home Pet Euthanasia in Edison NJ

Our pet euthanasia services will include everything from start to finish to ensure you are comfortable during a difficult time. You can reach out to us at 201-243-3222 anytime between 9 am and 7 pm to ask questions, discuss your options, and make an appointment if you choose to accept our services. You are under no obligation to choose us, however, and we will never make you feel pressured to do so. Your phone call is just that; a phone call to speak with a veterinarian and find out everything you need to know about options for in home pet euthanasia in Edison NJ.