In Home Pet Euthanasia in Hillsborough Township NJ

HomeHeart Veterinary End of Life Care works to help you through the difficult process of choosing euthanasia for your dog, cat, or exotic pet. Your pet has likely been a part of your family’s life for a long time, and seeing them come to the end of their life can be a sorrowful place. We work with you to make sure your pet gets in home pet euthanasia in Hillsborough Township NJ, so they can pass away surrounded by people that love them in the place where they feel most comfortable.

What’s Included in HomeHeart’s In-Home Euthanasia Services?

  • You get a free initial phone consultation with one of our compassionate vets by calling 201-243-3222
  • You get a home visit from a licensed veterinarian to perform the euthanasia service
  • Your pet is sedated to make sure they are comfortable through the euthanasia process
  • Your pet will be removed from the home once the process is done for aftercare services

Why Opt for In Home Pet Euthanasia in Hillsborough Township NJ?

Your pet has lived its days in your home, so it is naturally the most comfortable environment for them. Even though veterinarian’s do as much as possible to make euthanasia a comfortable experience in the office, it is still a clinical, foreign environment for your pet. At home, you get the benefits of:

  • Including as many people in the euthanasia process as you prefer
  • Comforting your pet with its favorite things like their favorite bed or toys
  • Not stressing an ill pet out more by forcing them to travel
  • Getting to grieve in a private place as your pet passes on
In Home Pet Euthanasia in Hillsborough Township NJ

Contact Us for a No-Commitment Consultation

Euthanasia is never an easy decision to make, even if your pet is in ill health. That’s why we make sure any of our clients who want more information about the process or our services can talk to us as long as they need to and ask questions. Contact our veterinarians at 201-243-3222 any day of the week between eight in the morning and ten in the evening. We will openly discuss our services at no cost to you and without obligation to accept our services.