In Home Pet Euthanasia in Linden NJ

When our pets near the end of their life, we can be faced with some really tough decisions, and sometimes, euthanasia is the most compassionate solution so our pets don’t have to suffer. Euthanasia often takes place at the hospital, but it can be more comfortable for your pet to spend their final moments at home surrounded by the people who care the most. At HomeHeart Veterinary End of Life Care, we work to provide in home pet euthanasia in Linden NJ for those who want to see their pet pass in peace.

The Major Advantages of In-Home Pet Euthanasia

People choose in-home euthanasia over the traditional hospital environment for different reasons. However, most people agree that there are specific advantages to pets passing at home including:

  • Friends and family members can be present.
  • Travel for pets in ill health can be difficult and uncomfortable for them.
  • The home environment is the most comfortable atmosphere for the pet who is being euthanized.
  • Home euthanasia allows you and your loved ones privacy during a time that can be grief-filled and sorrowful.
In Home Pet Euthanasia in Linden, NJ

In-Home Euthanasia Is Available for Different Pet Species in Linden NJ

It is a common misconception that in home pet euthanasia in Linden NJ is not available for exotic pets. However, we understand that any pet deserves the compassion and comfort that comes from in-home services. Therefore, we are capable of providing euthanasia services for many types of pets, whether they are furred or feathered.

What’s Included in the Euthanasia Services

We initially provide you with a phone consultation in which you can explain the details of your situation to one of our empathetic and supportive veterinarians and ask about what to expect during the in-home euthanasia visit. At this time, we will schedule your home visit with the veterinarian. The services included are:

    • Sedation to Put Your Pet at Ease
    • Euthanasia
    • Taking Your Pet for Your Preferred Aftercare Option
    • Informing Your Regular Vet That Your Pet Has Passed On

No matter how comfortable you are with the in-home euthanasia process, this decision can be really trying emotionally. If you need to know more about the process to put your mind at ease, reach out to us at 201-243-3222 between 9 am and 7 pm. We are open to discussing anything you need to know free of charge and without making you feel obligated to select our services.