In-Home Pet Euthanasia in Union City NJ

The life you’ve spent with your pet has been so rewarding, and now that your beloved pet is facing the end of their days, it is time to provide them with absolute comfort. This is what in home pet euthanasia in Union City NJ is all about. Everyone prefers to spend their final moments of life in their home, surrounded by those they love, and your pet is no different. Allow us at HomeHeart Vets to help you make the final arrangements. Our in-home euthanasia services include:

  • A no-strings-attached consultation with a compassionate professional
  • Euthanasia services for even exotic pets like birds, rabbits, or guinea pigs
  • In-home sedation and euthanasia by our mobile services
  • Aftercare options to suit the preferences of your family
In Home Pet Euthanasia in Union City NJ

4 Reasons to Choose In-Home Pet Euthanasia in Union City NJ

  1. The professionals come to you and you won’t have to travel with an ailing pet. For pets that are stressed by travel, in-home services are the kindest way to treat them at a time they may already be feeling ill.
  2. Your pet gets to spend their last moments in the place where they have always felt comfortable. You can pick the place where the euthanasia will occur, allow them to have all their favorite toys, etc.
  3. Time grieving with your loved ones is done in the privacy of your own home. It can be uncomfortable to show your grief in a public place like a vet’s office.
  4. There is room for as many loved ones present as you would like. Many veterinarians, animal hospitals, and clinics limit the number of guests allowed in the room during the procedure.

Let Us Help Guide You to the Best Decision

One of the advantages of choosing HomeHeart Vets for in home pet euthanasia in Union City NJ is the fact that we offer all of our prospects a free telephone consultation even if you don’t know if you want our services. You can give us a call at 201-243-3222 any time you want to discuss the options available for your pet or find out more about in-home services. No matter what your decision may be, we are here to help.