In-Home Pet Euthanasia in Weehawken NJ

Pets may only be with us for a portion of our lives, but during that time they become important members of the family; personalities we love. Pet euthanasia is never an easy thing, but HomeHeart Vets works hard to provide in-home euthanasia in a way that helps soothe the pain of losing these loved family members.

How Does In-Home Pet Euthanasia with HomeHeart Vets Work?

The in-home pet euthanasia process is very gentle and peaceful. We help support you through this difficult time. The veterinarian who comes to your home will:

  • Offer sedation to put your pet at ease before the euthanasia
  • Talk you through the procedure so you know what is taking place
  • Allow ample time for you to spend with your pet at all steps of the process

There are numerous benefits to in home pet euthanasia in Weehawken NJ. This grief-filled occasion will take place in your home where you won’t have to be around strangers. Plus, you can allow your pet’s final minutes to be spent in their own bed or favorite place, which is far more comfortable than at a veterinarian clinic that may make your pet nervous.

In Home Pet Euthanasia in Weehawken NJ

What Happens After the Euthanasia is Performed?

Once your pet has been put to sleep, our vet will allow you and your family to have a few quiet moments with your pet if you would like. Aftercare options are discussed during the initial consultation, so once you have had a few moments with your pet, they will be taken with the vet to carry out your plans. We will notify your family vet that they have passed away so you don’t have to.

We Are Here to Help with a Free Consultation

Even when you know your pet is ailing, it is really difficult to make the final decision that it is time to schedule for euthanasia, and we fully understand that you may need someone to talk to. Anyone considering our in home pet euthanasia in Weehawken NJ can contact us by phone at 201-243-3222 just to talk, look at the options, and ask questions. Your are not obligated to choose our services just because you call, and we will do all we can to answer all your questions.