In Home Pet Euthanasia in Woodbridge Township NJ

Your pet is nearing the end of their life. They may have physical ailments or illness, and unfortunately, you have to start thinking about euthanasia. This is a difficult decision, but you have another option besides taking your pet to the vet for euthanasia. In-home pet euthanasia in Woodbridge Township NJ. HomeHeart Veterinary End of Life Care is available to help you and your pet experience peaceful euthanasia in your own home environment.

Included in Our Woodbridge Township NJ In-Home Euthanasia Services

  • Free initial phone consultation with one of our vets
  • Home visit by a licensed veterinarian
  • Sedation to put your pet at ease before being put to sleep
  • Transport of your pet for your preferred aftercare arrangements
  • Notification of your family vet that your pet has passed away
In Home Pet Euthanasia in Woodbridge Township NJ

Common Questions About In Home Pet Euthanasia in Woodbridge Township NJ

In-home pet euthanasia for families with exotic pets is also an option with HomeHeart. If you have concerns for your bird, guinea pig, rabbit or any other type of small animal, contact us to discuss your concerns. Our mobile practice is ready to answer any questions you may have, and we are equipped to handle end-of-life care for most species of small animals.

Do you have to schedule our services when you call?

You are under no obligation to accept our services just because you call to ask questions or learn more. We are here to help you understand the process and make you feel at ease even if you don’t choose our services.

What are the benefits of in-home euthanasia?

The main benefit is that you and your pet go through this experience in the privacy of your own home. You can have as many people present as you like, and your pet can stay comfortably in their favorite spot in the house. Additionally, you will not have to take an ailing pet on a car trip to the vet.

Do you euthanize exotic animals?

At HomeHeart Vets, we work with all kinds of clients who have all kinds of pets, from furry to feathered. Call us to discuss your needs.

Talk to Us About Your Situation

Euthanizing a pet that is a member of the family is a challenging process. You may be in grief about losing your pet and need someone who is compassionate that can explain to you your options. Reach out to us at 201-243-3222 between 9 am and 7 pm anytime to speak with one of the members of our team who can guide you, answer your questions, and explain what in home euthanasia in Woodbridge Township NJ involves.